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The Media and the Election

November 8, 2016
Dallas, TX



Come join your fellow NACD NTX members and James M. Moroney, III Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer of A.H. Belo Corp. & the publisher and CEO of The Dallas Morning News, as he gives us his particular insight on the media and its impact on the 58th Presidential election. 


We've all seen, heard and read the media's coverage of the upcoming 58th US Presidential election.  No one can ignore the building news coverage and constant reminder of the election coming on November, 8, 2016.


Some of course, from Jim's own powerful regional media entity.  So who better to speak to our NACD NTX Chapter Members on Election Day?


Jim’s topic subject is…” How we got to a place where we have two candidates neither party is wild about and the role the media may have played in this...?” 


He poses an interesting question for our audience to consider…” Did the Media fail Jefferson, Adams, and the other Founding Fathers?”


Our luncheon program is Tuesday, November 8 in the Crescent Ballroom, at Noon on Election Day, so it should be a very interesting program...please join us and hear his answers.

Location and Time


Hotel Crescent Court
400 Crescent Court
Dallas, TX 75201

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