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How Did We Get Here? A Price Worth Paying

January 17, 2017
Fort Worth, Texas





One of the most important roles of the Board is CEO succession.  What can go wrong when making this decision? How should the Board behave if the new CEO starts making demands?  How can Boards vet risks associated with strategic acquisitions? Does the culture of the Board enhance its ability to address these issues? Without making any egregious individual actions with respect to the above questions, a Board may still find itself asking “How did we get here?”

Some of the biggest mistakes Boards make are not the result of a single decision. Unintended and unforeseen consequence, however, are often the result of a series of decisions and behaviors. No individual decision may be judged to directly lead to sometimes dreadful outcomes. Such is life and preventing this from happening is the charge of the Board.

In a professionally produced, short video “A Price Worth Paying,” the sequence of events are portrayed and the results for the Company and the Board are not pretty. This video is the focal point of this innovative and engaging program.  A brief trailer of the video can be found at

David Kistenbroker, will lead a panel of experts in a discussion of the video and there will be ample time for attendees to ask questions of the panel and Mr. Kistenbroker.

Toby M. Galloway, J.D.
Partner, Kelly Hart & Hallman, Fort Worth, TX

Neal Newman, J.D., CPA
Texas A&M Law School, Fort Worth, TX


David H. Kistenbroker
Managing Partner, Deckert LLP, Chicago, IL

Location and Time


City Club Fort Worth
301 Commerce Street
Fort Worth, Texas 76102

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